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General Contractors make the best Remodeling Companies

Artisan Construction is a licensed General Contractor in Missouri and Kansas. That means that we are held to higher standards than most remodeling companies you may run into in your search for the right one to complete your project. As a General Contractor, we work with the best framers, plumbers, electricians, tile installers and HCAV people we can find. We don't just oversee a project, we make sure it is done to the high standards we set for our company. And it the work needs to be inspected, we get it inspected. If we don't think it's the best it can be, we'll do it again. And it the work needs to be inspected, we get it inspected. Our name and reputation are on every sink we install, every piece of tile we lay and every nail that gets driven into your kitchen, bathroom or addition.

Additions and entire home remodeling is our sweet spot

Your home is built with systems: electrical, plumbing, framing, roofing, HVAC, ventilation etc. There have been cases where an entire system in a house was not done to code when the home was originally built and affected the home as a whole. There have been many homes that we've completely redone top to bottom. Homes that needed room additions. Kitchens that were remodeled to be twice the original size. Master bathrooms that were added or completely remodeled.

As a licensed general contractor, we can add or remodel any room in your house. Remodeling kitchens and master bathrooms are in demand right now. We can create custom cabinets or refinish your existing cabinets. As general contractors, we can move walls, electricity and plumbing or work with existing infrastructure.

If you don't have a designer that you prefer to work with, we offer design services. Who knows better what will work in a space than the company who is going to build it for you? The best part is we listen. We don't have a preconception about the shape or style your home should have, we want you to have what you want. Our ego is not tied up in a portfolio of outstanding looks and styles. We want what you want. Whatever that is!

Remodeling spaces:

For more information or to schedule an appointment to discuss your remodeling plans, call Chad at Artisan Construction (816) 797-4346.